Message From The Principal

PrincDear Parents, Students and Visitors,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Al Dhafra Private Schools. We are committed to working with you to provide each student with a rich educational experience.
Our Al Dhafra Vision Statement asserts: "The Al Dhafra school community has high expectations and standards for all students." It continues: "We challenge and inspire [our students] to become creative and critical thinkers..."

Based on this commitment, we have focused our attention in recent years on raising standards and ensuring that all students can achieve these standards. We have done this by investing time and resources in improving our instructional program and curriculum to challenge our students to meet higher academic performance levels, develop their own personalities, and enable them to be confident, decision makers. We also have provided academic intervention and support programs to enable all students to meet these challenges. We are proud of the achievement levels of our students and look forward to their continued growth and improvement.
Knowing that school is critical for students' learning, we adhere to sound, effective teaching practices in our classrooms. Assessment is used to monitor student learning and to identify areas where a child may need additional help or acceleration to enhance their learning. At home, you can help your child by going over materials taught at school.

English, Mathematics, science, social studies, music and the arts are important. In education, we are working on becoming one of the great leading educational establishments around the area. Diversity, adaptability, and acceptance are some of our goals to make us succeed in our mission. At home, you can help your child practice and memorize their facts, guide them in research projects and finishing homework. Healthy lifestyles can be taught by encouraging mental and physical activities.

I would like to invite parents and guardians to become involved in their student's education. Please review and sign all relevant documents sent home throughout the academic school year, stay in touch with the classroom teacher, and attend Parent Teacher Conferences (PTA's).
My instructional staff and the management team look forward to working together to help each child in their learning as they develop skills and wealth of knowledge to last throughout their lifetime.

Mrs. Elham Al Abed,